Newly designed refill kits for your wooden candle trays

17 November 2015

These are super user friendly and will extend the enjoyment of your wooden candle tray or barrel for a really long time.

I am posting here the instructions, the size and volume guidelines for what size kit you will need to purchase and a few pictures of the process.  Really, if you have any acquaintance with your kitchen, this mini project should not consume too much time and you should be quite pleased with your results once your wooden candle tray is resurrected to life.

refill flyer  refill size and volume


blog rk3


blog rk2



blog RK1




refill kit website


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5 Responses to Newly designed refill kits for your wooden candle trays

  1. k says:

    I’m excited to see the refill kits because I have a beautiful silver glass vessel from a tobacco bark candle that I would love to repurpose and after seeing your instagram post with refill kits I thought it was the answer to my problem. I see in the instructions that you don’t recommend refilling the glass vessels and I’m curious why. I suspect a liability issue because there is a risk of breakage , and if so I’ll take my chances. Thanks!!

  2. f a cox says:

    I love your story and the history behind your company. I have a large barrel candle that I burn constantly. The scent does evoke some memories of my early adult life but mainly the scent makes me calm and relaxed. I have never seen a candle like this one and I was quite concerned as the wax gets less and less…”what will I do when my candle is gone” until now I had no answer. Please tell me about your refill kits. I never want to be without this candle.

  3. cd says:

    I’d love to hear your response to both of the above questions. Please, please answer them on your web site. I’m sure there are many who would benefit from knowing. If for some reason you can’t do this, I’d appreciate and email with the answers.

  4. Diane Coletti says:

    I just received a refill kit and realize that it is not recommended for glass vessels. How do I purchase a wooden to use?

  5. jleaphart says:

    Hi Diane, sorry for the late reply. You can use your refill kit for glass vessels as well. Just be sure they are sturdy enough with no cracks.

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