candle making in the spring

24 March 2015

What are some of the challenges we are facing right now as the weather unleashes her icy grip on us?  Running a candle factory is challenging in the winter as it is in the summer.  Each bringing forth its own set of hurdles.  However, their are respites called Spring and Autumn..those wonderful seasons in the south when it is a joy to be outdoors and staff will throw open the garage doors to let the light and warmth flood in.

Spring is a time when we are setting new challenges for ourselves – having just recovered from the holiday season and the subsequent shows that come right afterwards in January and February.  We get a feel for what the year will be like.  Usually we are rushing to send out orders from the shows, and also planning around going to India  which is a time to work with manufacturers and design new containers and styles and to find new techniques and styles that I would never have considered.

Typically I introduce new collections in the summer, so the spring is when I am finalizing plans for new collections and bringing together disparate ideas, drawings, sketches and pieces that I have collected for inspiration.

One thing I am excited about is getting back an old product we started out with – the wooden candle tray.  We started out with the lovely candle in 2004, and phased it out in 2011.  Its back by popular demand and we wills start shipping it as soon as we get all the packaging components in the next week.

Wooden candle tray

Wooden candle tray

The candle tray will come in 2 sizes and be fully custom poured to order in any of our 33 scents!

One thing that sets us apart from other candle companies is our ability to customize candles and send out a wide variety of scents and styles.  This is because we keep all our production in house giving us full control over quality, and enables us to keep production runs smaller and also customize to order.    This way customers get a ‘fresh’ candle that has been recently made!



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2 Responses to candle making in the spring

  1. Amy Hirsch says:

    I love your products, your company, and your spirit. I wish you much success!!!

  2. Rita Rama says:

    Wow – makes me want to go with you next time to India 🙂 beautiful pics! heading to a wedding in Udaipur in a few weeks – can’t wait to see that city again after 20 yrs.

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