A new addition to the Dharamshala Collection

18 February 2017

A set of 6 rose gold and brass tumblers housed in a bronze foiled textured box with a whimsical cloud illustration drawn by Theatre of Dreams designer Wendy Addison.




This collection contains some of best and also newest fragrances.

Forgotten Violet -with layers of bergamot, violet, clove lavender and patchouli.   This is one of the most fragrant scents I have come across.  It can fill up the room once lit with a dreamy romantic and heady scent of late summer gardens, full blooms and the merest hint of musky patchouli.

Ancient Philosophy – has become one of my favorite fragrances.  A sleeper for a number of years, it has gained popularity with our customers in the last year.  I added it to balance out the floral sweetness of Forgotten Violet and the incense notes of Prayer Flag.   It makes a fitting  contribution to the overall look and feel of the collection with its mellow lasting notes of orange tea, clove and patchouli.   For me it is the scent of libraries, books and quiet moments of reading and peaceful reflection.

Prayer Flag was a fragrance I had been searching for many years and once found it gave me an instant sense of familiarity and comfort.  Prayer Flag combines  notes of myrrh, olibanum, cedarwood and a hint of vanilla to recreate the scent of soft incense burning.   It contains within it a cache of memories  of growing up, of temple bells breaking the quiet solitude of the high Himalayas, of prayers and devotion.  Prayer Flag hits the perfect notes of high quality incense without the dustiness.  It is soft and compelling and instantly recognizable.   It has a clean pure scent that one never tires.

Our Indian Sandalwood fragrance is a true to the original scent of Sandalwood commonly used across the subcontinent in Hindu religious ceremonies and in cosmetic preparations.  It is in Hindu temples that the paste is made from grinding down the wood and is thought to be one of the most holy elements.   Sandalwood is also commonly used in perfumery to give florals a grounded base.  Our Indian Sandalwood is a pure woody chypre with no blended conflicting notes.

Monsoon is a fresh, sharp herbaceous scent with notes of verbena, wet leafy greens, eucalyptus and deep woods.   It is clean and dry and reminds me of the smell of greenery after a heavy rain.   Monsoon has no sweetness or floral notes and perfectly balances out the heavier scents in the collection.

I added Patchouli Ginger to this collection because it is one of our best,  and our top selling fragrance but also because it is a fitting scent at once familiar but also reminiscent of lands far away.   Its spicy ginger notes balanced perfectly by woody  patchouli create a serendipitous marriage of sweetness, spiciness and earthiness.   Ginger Patchouli has gathered a devoted following and is one of our key creations to date.



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