A trip to Rajasthan

5 April 2016

Rajasthan has a different feel the rest of northern India, – it’s more open, there are less people, and there are endless wide open spaces. ┬áRajasthan for the most part seems to trade on its past of forts, castles, Rajput kings and warriors and its artisan traditions. ┬áHere is the home of intricate hand painting, block printed textiles, jewelry making and a host of other hand crafted industries.


Courtyard of the Alsisar Haveli in Jaipur – great place to stay, highly recommend it.


Breakfast with Dad


Late afternoon sunlight, inviting you to pick up that book and while away the hours till twilight..


Evening with a glass of well earned Sula Indian wine..


Textile industry is a bit of mystery, but I did get to witness some down home authentic block printing!


this art is very much alive and well, this man says it’s all he has ever done.


No room for screw ups, or risk losing the whole sheet..


Block printers have a unique focus. their speed and precision depends on it.


Selling rose garlands outside a mosque in Ajmer. There were many such selling identical garlands. Is there a rivalry running between the many garland sellers I wondered?


Sacred Hindu lake at Pushkar. Lot of temples surround it, and I undertook my first Hindu lake offering ceremony.


The central market at Ghantaghar in Jodhpur, bustling and chaotic as all Indian markets, full of good stuff- textiles, bangles, sweets, samosas…


Sitting in a childhood home – the perfect place to sit and write and think and stare at the bougainvillea, and listen to the car horns..

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  1. Pattie Leonardis says:

    This looks like such a beautiful place to visit. I hope I can see it some day.

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