Glimpses of candle production –

12 July 2015

Yes, it is all handmade! Our production team gets an early start every week day, and spend the day immersed in creating a fully handmade artisan product. We are able to produce in high volume yet each piece has been selected as free from chips and defects, with careful attention to detail along the way to ensure a uniform high quality. The fact that we rarely have returns due to workmanship and quality is a testament to our careful quality control. We have tried to create an environment where everyone takes ownership of their job, imparting a sense of pride to their workmanship. All of our staff are enthusiastic customers of our candles and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of our collection. Himalayan Candles would not be where it is without such a stable hardworking employee team.

PROD pouring


prod 1

prod 2

prod 3

prod 6

prod 4

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